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Snow Frolic

Snowstorms are pretty neat if you’re a dog!

Boomer, the new puppy who lives down the street, came over to play in the snow with us a couple days ago. But Dad didn’t take any puppy pictures ‘cause he was too busy helping Boomer chase me.

Didn’t catch me, though. I’m just too quick for all of em!... even puppies!

Playing frisbee and chasing me in the snow.
Here’s a pic of Corona tying to catch me while Maggie plays frisbee. Dad took it yesterday before the snow started to melt.

It’s getting kinda yucky out today. That’s real boring ‘cause Mom and Dad won’t let us play in the yard when it’s wet. Mom says we tear up the grass too much running around and around.

I can’t wait ‘til it snows again. Mom and Dad don’t like it much, but snow is really pretty neat if you’re a dog.

Whee! Let It Snow!

Ooooo! this is so neat! We had a great big snow storm yesterday and all three of us have had a great time playing in it. Best of all Mom and Dad both stayed home to keep us company all day ‘cause all the streets were blocked and nobody could go anywhere.

digging outHere’s me helping Mom at 6:30am trying to keep the driveway clear while Dad took the picture. But that was only a little bit of the snow. It kept coming down all day and got really, really deep.

Mom and Dad had to shovel out a path to our back yard pooping spot when the snow got as deep as our behinds. We had fun helping them. Then we packed down some other parts of the yard playing frisbee. Whee! it was really fun!

Corona is so funny. She likes to stick her nose in the snow and gobble the stuff, then roll around in it like a crazy person.

It’s hilarious when she comes in the house covered with white snow all over her black fur. Mom and Dad don’t like it so much ‘cause they have to catch her and dry her off before she runs around the house shaking it off everywhere. Dad calls her the Tasmanian Devil when she does that. (read the rest)

Baywatch Babe Barks "Thief!"

(From Corona, the MagicPuppy Newshound)—
Yesterday my friend told me and Mom that Pamela Anderson thinks her little Chihuahua, Luca, has been dog-napped, maybe like Borat tried to kidnap her in the movie.

There’s a story about it today in the Sunday Mirror. No pictures, though, so we can’t figure out how anyone’s gonna help find the little pup. If ya want, you can read the Mirror story here... and some others here...

Update 20 Nov 2006—You can see a pic of Luca on Pamela Anderson’s web site.

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Traveling with Your Pet

airplane pic
Hi guys! It’s time to get serious for a minute and tell you about something that really worries us puppies (and lotsa other pets, too)...

With the holidays here and all the human people talking about traveling to Grandmas house, you guys need to know how all us pets feel about flying on airplanes.

We hate it! It’s scary, lonely and dangerous. We’d rather stay home with a pet-sitter or even go to a kennel instead. But please, please, please don’t put us on an airplane unless you’re gonna buy us a seat next to you.

If ya gotta take us on a trip, please take the car. Cars can be lotsa fun! We get to see new sights, smell new smells, poop in all kindsa interesting places. And if you start getting bored with the drive… we can help make it a lot more interesting!

Just please don’t put us on an airplane.

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No, No, We Won't Go!

Dad was reading Gina’s blog yesterday and we heard him telling Mom about some tips on flying with pets that he saw there. I hope they’re not thinking about taking us on a airplane.

Waggles in the car photoWe hate airplanes! They make us sick and they’re not comfy and we get lonely and scared and…. Uggghhhhh! Please dont’ take us on an airplane, Dad! If we gotta go someplace, take us there in the car.

Cars are nice for going places. We get to see all kindsa new stuff, go poop in new and interesting places, sleep a lot, and even stick our schnozolas out the window.

Yeah! Cruising along at 75 … the window open … that blast of fresh air in our faces. Ahhhh! Makes me feel almost as good as when I’m racing Maggie around the golf course chasing squirells! And all those strange and interesting smells are really neat, too. (read the rest)

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